We will guide you through the discovery process to get you where you need to go. We’ll discuss what you are trying to accomplish, look for any issues, and scope out the full effort.

Technical Assessment

Our engineers will assess the technical effort. This will can done via Q&A’s, Requirement Documentation (strongly recommended), and/or group ‘summit’ meetings.


Our proposal is presented to you in person or via teleconference. The proposal will include a detailed task by task quotation, a statement of work, requirement documentation, and terms and conditions. A purchase order kicks the project off.

Proof of Concept

In some cases, an initial proof of concept is necessary. This can be used to gain buy-in from key stakeholders, or eliminate concerns that the engineering team may have on certain aspects of the product design.

Design Phase

Our consultants design your product. Each week the project manager reviews project scope, schedule and cost status with the team and with you our customer.

Prototype Phase

A set of initial functioning prototypes (usually between 5 and 10) are designed, developed and built. These prototypes are used by the engineering teams to perform hardware, and system integration testing.

Pilot Phase

A set of form, fit and functional pilot units are built (usually between 20 and 200). The pilot electronics and mechanics are done by the contract manufacturer, or by your manufacturing facility. A Test Plan is executed and the product is verified to spec and validated by actual customers.

Pre-Production Phase

Design for manufacturing modifications are performed, all design files are locked down and production revision control begins. We can design your test fixture(s) to program your electronics, custom configure (if needed), and perform all the production acceptance testing. If your pre-production run all goes well, full scale production can begin.

Production, and Lifecycle Support

We strongly recommend that we provide you with a warrenty contract, a maintenance contract, tier 3 support, troubleshooting guides, service manuals and sustaining support services. This way you protect your investment for the long run.

Want to discuss this with our President?

Bob Scaccia, our President and CEO, makes himself available to all of our prospective clients, big and small. If you would like to schedule a time to talk to Bob directly, just follow this link directly into his calendar and request a time slot. Bob’s Calendar.