Product design and development is what we do. The USA Firmware team reduces the complexity of these projects and creates engineered designs that get our clients to market faster with an improved ROI.

Today’s B2C and B2B applications require embedded solutions that keep pace with consumer tech adoption and Industry 4.0. USA Firmware engineered designs enable the efficiency and control that IoT and IIoT devices provide.

Participation and clear communication is more than a requirement, it’s a necessity for the success of any complex project. Engagements include a defined scope and expert resources to get our clients started.

Firmware is the lifeblood of smart and connected devices, and it’s difficult to create. That’s why firmware is part of our name. It’s imperative that firmware is done right and by a team with decades of experience. 

We leverage our expertise in Firmware and IoT to turn smart ideas into smart products for the world’s most respected brands.


Code Forensics
Best Practices

Occasionally a client approaches USA Firmware for help with a project that has run into trouble because of poorly designed firmware. This could be a product that is under development but incomplete, or an existing product of which the client is having trouble adding new features or fixing bugs. In any case, the symptoms are usually that changing the code in one place produces misbehaviors in other unrelated parts of the code. Or, the code is so complex that nobody can figure out the fix or add a new feature.

Let's grow

At USA Firmware, we are driven by our passion and professionalism to create world-class engineering for the world’s most respected brands. The culture of USA Firmware is one where we do right by others, respect each other and champion our clients’ ideas and technology needs. 

If you are an experienced firmware engineer, computer hardware engineer or computer software engineer, and feel our culture is right for you, please review our current list of available positions posted in real-time by clicking here for our Talent Community portal.

Search current USA Firmware job openings with our Talent Community portal and join our award-winning team.

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USA Firmware enlists a powerful group of partners, who are well respected in the engineering design services industry, and enhance the value we provide to our clients and their product design and engineering initiatives. We are always seeking new partnerships with innovative companies. Learn more about our current partnerships, including: