My company is attending and will have a booth at this year’s ‘IoT World’ in you guessed it, California. Silicon Valley to be specific. To try and simplify what I’m about to explain, there are companies that are focused on providing solutions from the ‘edge’ to the ‘cloud’ and companies focused from the ‘cloud’ down to the ‘edge’. We excel in the latter and I asked our lead, who has 19 patents, a doctorate in Computer Science and is an expert in this realm, to find an ‘edge to cloud’ partner that in his opinion is ‘doing it right’ to match up with our ‘cloud to edge’ prowess.

He searched and searched. There are a ton of companies with products. We looked through each company with a product that is going to present at IoT World. The great majority are west coast firms. Well, guess what, he found plenty that he felt were going about things the wrong way. Fast solutions that were not flexible, secure, leverageable, highly abstracted, you name the geeky term. The great thing about Dr. Griswold is that he is very picky. So when he shows up in my office excited by a companies product, I listen. He found one. one. Not two. Not five. One. Guess where they are. They are in Cincinnati.