We follow a time-tested process to get your product to market.


If we haven’t worked together before, a new project engagement starts with introductions. We give you a company presentation and answer any questions you have about who we are and how we work. We ask you to sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement before discussing too many details of your project with us.

Next, we ask you to share the basics of your project. Our goal is to determine what kinds of services you require, and which members of our engineering team would be the best fits.

Free Technical Assessment

At no cost to you, our engineering team will begin to assess your needs in more detail. We collect your requirements, and sometimes help you to create them. The better your requirements are, the more accurate we can be with costs, schedules and specifications. We search for project risks and ways to mitigate them. This phase of the engagement typically involves plenty of questions and answers between our team and yours.

Statement of Work and Budgetary Estimate

Once we have the technical and business information necessary to understand what you need us to do, we build a comprehensive proposal for you. A statement of work defines our mutual responsibilities and deliverables. Our engineering team creates a work plan with estimates of the effort required. We use the work plan to build a detailed budgetary estimate for the project.


We present the statement of work and budgetary estimate to you and answer any questions or concerns you have. Once we reach agreement on the contents of these documents, we create an e-signature package and send it to you for formal approval.

Start Project

Once you approve the proposal, a purchase order is all we need to get started working on your project. During the project, we meet with you weekly (or as often as you choose) to keep you fully informed with forecasts on budget and schedule progress. Any changes in scope during the project are handled through a change order process.

The project lifecycle from proposal to production involves many different elements. The graphic below shows some of the most common ones. We tailor your project plan according to your timeline, budget and other requirements.