By Bob Scaccia
Interesting. There is something happening in the midwest. I tend to look for and make wild conclusions. Sometimes I’m right, sometimes I’m wrong. I think I’m right this time. Take a look.

IIoT is at home in the midwest

The Internet of Things is here. We see it from our clients. Everyone wants a piece of this action. For consumer companies, it’s more a defensive move. “We have to have a solution or our competitors will beat us to the market”. But this is risky. Consumers don’t always want to spend three or four times as much as they would otherwise with a thermostat or a doorbell. They also don’t necessarily want to spend a lot of dollars so that they can integrate all these systems with cool AI solutions. It’s coming and IoT will be a very big part of all our lives, so don’t get me wrong.

But the ROI is not nearly as keen or clear as IIoT, the “Industrial Internet of Things”.

Scary clear. Smart connected industrial things will lead to increased productivity, efficiency, predictive maintenance, reduced training costs, improved safety, less turn over, and my favorite, the ability of companies to return the manufacturing of their products to the midwest. This will create jobs, middle-class jobs which have mostly left this region.

So who better than the midwest manufacturer to benefit from IIoT? Who understands the challenges better than the industrial base than manufacturers in the rust belt? Who can generate the greatest ROI? They know the pain, the exodus of jobs, and they know that IIoT can benefit their customers, the manufacturer.