by Robert Scaccia

After providing design services to about 100 customers from all walks of life, I can confidently say that we have a plethora of information to share for our present and future customers.

This is the first of several articles I will share on this. I looked at about 6 or 7 customers to create this list, so expect many more to come!

  • Your schedule is in danger because you don’t have enough firmware engineering talent. We recommend that you identify this as soon as possible. Make sure that when you start the project, you use modular approaches so that when you engage us we can jump right in. You will get better return on your investment.
  • You need forensics help – you are stuck. A bug is just killing your project. Our recommendation in this situation is to allow us to do some root cause analysis first. Don’t try to just slap a band-aid over the problem. If you don’t find the root cause, you will spend a lot of time and effort chasing other issues. Once we find the root cause, we can quote an effort for a lasting fix.
  • You need help to determine if IoT will create a return on investment for you or your customer. We can and have helped in these situations by participating in your VOC efforts. We can also help you by analyzing data to determine what can be deduced from it.
  • You need to provide an IIoT Solution for your customers factory. Most definitely we can help here, and we have! Dr. Victor Griswold, an expert in this field, has developed a highly robust, flexible, industry leading solution we call Fogware that provides best in class on premise and in cloud capabilities. He has thought of everything. Helps to have experience.
  • You want to diversify your outsourcing options. Some of our customers have been locked in using the same design firm for literally decades. In some cases, it becomes a rather co-dependent relationship. This is not helpful and will stunt your ability to scale. We have come into these situations to help customers get a fresh perspective and diversify.
  • You have no idea how to design an electronic centric product! Are you a startup with a great idea and interested investors? Don’t tread lightly. Don’t expect to know everything. There is a reason why people say a degree in Engineering is about as hard as it gets. Engineering is not easy and requires a great deal of education both on the job and in college. In this situation it is key that you find a firm you trust and then, trust them and rely on them for guidance on how to do things right. Remember, in our business, you fail if you don’t build relationships. Relationships only come if you are trusted and trustworthy. Expect us to tell you both the good news (“yes your idea is sound”) or bad news (“it’s not possible to get this project done in 3 months”).