"USA Firmware can design all elements of our clients’ products, including electronic hardware, software, firmware and the Internet of Things. Our engineers possess skills that only come from years of experience, resulting in products that are portable, reusable, easy to follow, modify and diagnose. We are passionate about our art, and it shows in our work and in the relationships we’ve built. From legacy industrial systems to state-of-the-art IoT applications, we can take you from concept to production,” Bob Scaccia, President and CEO.

Our Culture: Participate

At USA Firmware, we are driven by our passion and professionalism to create world-class engineering for the world’s most respected brands. Our culture is one where we do right by others, respect each other and champion our clients’ ideas and technology needs. 

We take very seriously the investment our clients make in all of us and how we participate to help them achieve their most important technology objectives and business needs. Our business, our culture and our team PARTICIPATE in and are guided by our core values.

USA Firmware PARTICIPATE core values:


We will act and engage others like the professionals we are!


We are an approachable and friendly bunch.


We will respect every member of our team, our vendors, suppliers and our customers’ teams.


Success and trust are tied very tightly together. Being worthy of the trust between each other and that of our client is one of the most important values of USA Firmware. If we do all these things, we will earn the trust of others.


We are honest and do what we say we will do.


The work we do demands frequent and clear communication with our clients and each other. Our team members wills strive for world-class communication skills.


We purposefully advocate for “New and Improved,” and remove the risk of doing so for our clients.


We are all passionate about our vocation and bring that passion to our jobs each day.


We are held responsible to our clients, vendors, suppliers and each other for our behavior and the decision we make.


We always want to be thinking about the purpose, culture and values of our organization and have this guide our work.


We deliver the highest degree of engineering and product design services to our clients.